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Commander's Message: December 2015

Posted on December 7, 2015 at 6:25 PM

Hello Team,

  Well we had quite a November didn’t we? Kitchen is open, new big screen, Toys for Tots, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day and Veterans Day picnic, but the biggest change is the smoking. That’s what all of the hubbub is about so let’s clear some of it up.

  First, there are those that say this was not a membership decision but a decision by a few to affect all. That is almost a true statement. Why? Simply put the member meeting is once a month and lasts about an hour in most cases. This is where the decisions of the Post are made. That adds up to about 12 hours a year. Those that show up to that meeting get to vote. So to put it simply, the member’s that were at the meeting voted to go nonsmoking.

  Second, some say that we should have announced the agenda for the meeting ahead of time. As the majority of the business is brought up by members who do not share what they intend to bring up at the meeting there is no way to know what the agenda is. Specifically in reference to this smoking issue, which has been spoken of and we have been preparing for years, was decided to be brought up during the meeting not before.

  Additionally to that end a couple of things. One, the meeting floods with people for only that issue, they leave right after that part of it, and nobody sees them until it is brought up again. Two, there is nothing saying that a notice must be given for general business of the Post. As we are not the first to try nonsmoking but the 5th in the district I do not see this as a special issue that warrants any special notice.

  Third, this has been a long process. In preparation we enclosed the pavilion, put television there, music, a mini bar, fans for summer, heaters for winter, and have plans for even more. All of this is being done to minimize the effect on those that wish to smoke. I ask you what VFW, what employer, what other club or place of business has done more to accommodate the smoker.

  Last and probably the most important of all is that our main building should be open and available to all Veterans. That is why we are here right? A smoker can use our main building and has a nice area to smoke. A person with respiratory issues cannot do the same. Other things happen at our Post than the canteen.

  Our immediate Past Commander of VFW Post 4412, Eric Richardson, said he wanted to make sure that if our canteen were closed for any reason that we would be able to function as an effective VFW. A canteen can be shut down by the Department Commander or in our case the County. Like the drink, a VFW is more than a cigarette. If you value Veterans, value all the good we do for them and our communities, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to widen the scope of those we can serve.



With the utmost respect and admiration,

Yours in Comradeship,

David Bear

Commander Post 4412


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