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Commander's Message: October 2015

Posted on October 6, 2015 at 2:50 PM

Happy October Team,


September came with several events, changes, challenges, and a special farewell. Though I shouldn't be, I am always amazed at just how well Post 4412 comes together to get the job done. To those that do all that hard work to make us look so good, you have my thanks and admiration. To have the patience, skill, and dedication humbles me. To do so and make it look so effortless is simply amazing. My thanks again.


October is now here and fall begins. We still have projects ongoing. At the time of this writing the kitchen is still under renovation. No completion date is yet available. Our GC (general contractor) and others are working diligently to get it up and running as soon as possible. For updates please come to a house committee meeting or keep reading the newsletter. After much consideration, I will be answering very few questions about it outside of those 2 venues. The standard answer will be "it will be done when it is done".


The House Committee has decided to make the third Tuesday of each month an "event planning meeting". So for anyone with ideas, questions, comments, complaints, or concerns about upcoming events that is the day and time to make a showing. Meeting starts at 1800 hours (6 pm) and we will be talking about events as far out as we can plan them. This is a new idea and is a work in progress so do not consider anything "set in stone".


On the business side I need to remind everyone that this is a VFW and as such we as members are responsible for our "guests". Yes, everyone in the building that is not a member is a guest. If they break rules it is our job to politely inform them of the rules and ensure they abide by them. Should the bartender have to inform them of the rules then we are not doing a good job of policing things ourselves. That DOES NOT MEAN to be confrontational or start issues. Just be aware we are not at the corner pub and our guests need to know that before coming in. We are in a place of honor. A place paid for in blood, sweat, and tears of Veterans and their loved ones.


Also, please remember that even our humble post has a chain of command and proper channels. There are people in positions to do jobs and we have great people in them so let them do what they are supposed to do. I know that in the past this has been lenient to say the least and this too is always in motion and changing. However, as we strive to improve and follow a tried, true, and proven framework to continue our success, by not following this chain it confuses things and makes more work for all. Help us to help you more efficiently and effectively.


Last, recently I was asked what my goal is. My goal is simply to ensure the sustainability of this Post. What does that mean? It means that I look for ways to ensure that no matter what happens that VFW Post 4412 will be able to continue. If the building burns down, we lose the ability to provide a canteen or kitchen, tragedy befalls one or more of the officers or other workers in the Post, or any other scenario. This Post is more than any one person, more than any one group. We are the flagship post of the district.........I would like to be the flagship post of the State. Lofty goals to be sure and definitely not an easy road. I have the utmost faith in those that call VFW Post 4412 home that we can reach that goal together, as we always do, as a team.


With the utmost respect and admiration,

Yours in Comradeship,

David Bear

Commander Post 4412


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